Guidelines for Completing a Successful Science Fair Project


  1. Be sure to document where you get your information. CSE format (Author, Year)

  2. Paraphrase your background research and give the correct format in the text of your document.

  3. If you can not find the creator of the webpage, use the title at the top of the webpage for in text-citations not the URL or www web address.

  4. When possible have at least five test samples to add validity to your experiment.

  5. Have a data table to organize your results on your display board before explaining your graphs.

  6. Use the metric system to setup and measure your results from experimentations.

  7. No hand writing on the display board. Neatness counts.

  8. Use MS Excel or use to make your graphs.

  9. The Independent Variable is placed on the X axis or the horizontal axis. This is what you chose to vary.

  10. The Dependent Variable is placed on the Y axis on the vertical axis. This is what you measure as a result of your experiment in metric units.

  11.  All graphs should have a title and the x and y axis should be labeled.

  12.  Be sure use to document what you do each day in your project journal.

  13.  The results state what happened in your experiment.

  14.  State the results of your experimentation supported or did not support your hypothesis.

  15.  Place a copy of your abstract in your paper and on the display board.

  16.  Do not chew gum or sit while presenting your project to a judge.

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