Here is a coordinated timeline for the Science Fair 2015.

Dec. 2nd Introduce Science Fair and Topic Selection.

Dec. 5th Topic Due

Dec. 8th -10th Background Research and Introductions in computer lab

Dec. 17th Background Due.

December 18,19-Bibliography

Research Section

January 5th-(pull out facts from gathered sources)

January 6th-(research introduction and thesis statement)

January 8th, 9th, 10th-(Type the body of your rough draft)This is done outside of class. 

You should type your report. 

January 13th-(conclusion)

January 14th (in-text citations)

**Rough Draft of this section due to us on January 16th**

January 17- Acknowledgements section

Jan 20,21, (tbd depending on science dept. timeline) – Abstract

Feb. 2-5,  2015 Students will present their projects in class.


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